• 18-27 May, Rose Centre

  • Past productions: She Stops to Conquer

  • Past productions: Move Over Mrs Markham

  • Past productions: Murder on the Nile cast

  • Past productions: Vicar of Dibley .

  • Past productions: Ghost Writer

  • Past productions: Ghost Writer cast.

  • Past productions.

  • Past productions.

About us


Phoenix Theatre is a community group that takes pride in uniting families and friends in the teamwork of producing quality theatrical productions on the North Shore of Auckland City. Phoenix Theatre Incorporated is a registered charitable trust and is a member group of the New Zealand Theatre Federation.

Phoenix shares rehearsal rooms in Castor Bay with Shoreside Theatre. Phoenix Theatre usually performs several productions a year at The Rose Centre in Belmont and hosts educational workshops open to members and the general public on a diverse range of subjects.

Whether you would like to be actively involved with productions or just to find out when Phoenix shows are being performed, we invite you to become a member of Phoenix – you will receive newsletters with invitations to auditions, join production crews and workshops, or attend performances, along with information about what’s on at other community theatres across Auckland.