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Move Over Mrs Markham


Move Over Mrs Markham

Hilarious Farce

by Ray Cooney and John Chapman.

Directed by Sean Dwyer

Season: 19-28 May 2016 at The Rose Centre, Belmont


About the play:

Philip Markham is a straight-laced London publisher who agrees to let his business partner Henry Lodge borrow his apartment for the evening to "entertain" his latest girlfriend. At the same time, Joanna Markham is persuaded by Linda Lodge to let her borrow the apartment, so she can entertain her lover. What nobody knows is that the interior designer who had been decorating the apartment for the past three months has decided that this was the night he and the au pair would try out the new round bed!  The Markham’s are delayed in leaving the apartment as Olive Harriet Smythe (a no-sex-please very successful author of children’s books) has unexpectedly arrived looking for a new publisher, so when  all three couples  converge on the apartment, expecting to find it empty, the ultimate in chaos, confusion and madcap hilarity ensues.



Joanna Markham:  Robyn Donnelly

Philip Markham:  James Carrick

Linda Lodge:  Helen Litterick

Henry Lodge:  Peter Dodds

Felicity Jane Wilkinson:  Alina Kireeva

Olive Harriet Smythe:  Kay Boyes

Alistair Spenlow:  James Fox

Sylvie:  Anne Sophie Musset

Walter Pangbourne:  Zac Clarke



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